Daily Archive June 4, 2019


Nicola is running a 4 Week Summer Workshop learning strategies to change the thoughts that

are weighing you down and preventing you from progressing positively.

  • Break behavioural patterns 
  • Gain clarity and vision
  • Overcome self limiting beliefs 
  • Build your self confidence
  • Create more freedom and choice 
  • Enjoy more energy & relaxation

Book your place on what could be a life changing workshop.  Call 07852 716596 or email nicolajblack@icloud.com


Learn Easy Ways to Feel Relaxed and Prevent Stress

Today’s lifestyle means that one in five people suffer from stress – one of the biggest causes of sickness in the UK.  Learning relaxation   methods can help to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

1:1 sessions can help you to create your own personal stress management programme:

  • Learn‘on the spot’ relaxation techniques
  • How to avoid becoming overwhelmed
  • How to calm the over thinking brain
  • Nutrition and exercise that can help to reduce stress
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Techniques for improving sleep
  • Regulation of social media and modern technology – making it work for you.
  • Time management skills

All attendees will receive a booklet containing the information that the course covers

The full course is 3 sessions of 1 hour each.

CONTACT NIKKI TODAY ON : 07966 579345 OR VIA EMAIL AT: info@nikkiphillips.co.uk