Counselling usually refers to therapy session that involves a professionally trained individual talking to you about your feelings, experiences, thoughts and ultimate behaviour.  It can sometimes be called ‘talking therapy’ or ‘psychotherapy’ too.  There is very little difference other than some professionals specialise in certain areas, ie: from self harm to relationship issues.

WE ARE THRIVE have a range of counsellors available to you.  Some that specialise in dealing with children and their anxieties or mental health issues; some that will work with couples and those that will work with families too.  All are highly qualified and experienced and can help you resolve issues; help you make sense of things; discover the unhelpful patterns in yours and others behaviour that affect your day to day happiness and much, much more.

Give us a call today on 01799 252009 to talk through what you’re looking for and we will point in the direction of the counsellor we believe will be able to help you find the way forward you’re looking for.