Nicola van de Velde. Tel: 07990 556559

Nicola is a professional Massage Therapist and cares very much about helping you achieve a deep sense of bliss; whether that is through a deep tissue, pregnancy and therapeutic body massage or a hot lava shell treatment.

The main benefits of massage are: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Lower Blood Pressure, Muscle Relaxation, Improved Posture and Improved Sleep.  It also strengthens your Immune System, Improves Blood Circulation and generally promotes a deep sense of calm.

Nicola is also a professional Facialist, so you could opt for her deeply restorative and de-stressing facial, using a natural skincare range and incorporating her rejuvenating massage techniques.

Whether you’d like Nicola to travel to your house or you’d like to visit her in her home, give her a call today.  And to top that, Nicola has just been nominated for the 2019 Beauty, Health & Wellness Awards with Lux Life Magazine!