Primary Schools Programmes

Primary School Resilience Programmes

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Louise Lancaster (MBACP), Caroline Chessher (MBACP Accredited), Maria Pieretti (The Human Toolbox Integrative Counsellor), Luisa Frisenda (Drama Therapy), Hanna Starr (Art Therapy), Nikki Phillips (Youth Mindfulness), Nicola Black (NLP, Counselling), Kathy Ponter (The Alexander Technique) and Jon Adkins (Hypnotherapy) have all worked in schools for many years and counselled both primary and secondary school children – locally and cross-county.  Michelle Chapman can work with adults/parents to build resilience and Chantek McNeilage – seen at the very end – works on stress management with teachers and adults using her Mindful, Meditative and stress relieving programmes.

WE ARE THRIVE will come to your school and talk through the services that we are able to offer at a time convenient to yourself.  Whether it be 1:1 or group work – or even a Wellbeing Fair – this is not necessarily a service that the school has to pay for, but rather a ‘one-stop-shop’ that a school can signpost too as and when you feel parents need support for their children or the children want help themselves.

Additionally, and importantly, we are able to present to parents en masse to help with identifying issues, building on their resilience and their coping strategies too.  All too often, schools are the first port of call for help nowadays and we can help them seek out alternatives as well as manage the issues they are finding a concern.  Please give us a call today – we look forward to hearing from you.