Senior School Programme

We hear it on the news; we read it in the paper and are inundated with statistics as to how the mental health of our teenagers is being eroded.  The pressures of every day life; the pressures teens put on themselves; those experienced at home and at school; those experience on social media and so it goes on.  We are at the forefront of a mental health epidemic and we need to be able to offer parents and our children opportunities to find solutions.  Whether it be counselling, hypnotherapy or reiki or a course on Mindfulness….WE ARE THRIVE aim to provide the therapists – clinical and complementary – to help our teens progress to become resilient and most of all happy as they enter their adult life.

The therapists below can work on a 1:1 basis or in a group format.  We also run workshops sporadically that they may wish to join.

Introducing : Andy Clare (Counselling), Louise Lancaster (Counselling), Caroline Chessner (Counselling), Jon Adkin (Hypnotherapy), Kathy Ponter (Alexander Technique), Hanna Starr (Art Therapy), Luisa Frisenda (Drama Therapy), Chantek McNeilage (Mindfulness), Michelle Chapman (Resilience)