Alexander Technique

Kathy Ponter. Telephone : 07800 759830

The Alexander Technique tackles the source of back pain rather than treating just the symptoms.  It improves the quality of muscle tone, body alignment, balance and coordination as well as calming the nervous system.

It is a unique form of education which has holistic health benefits building awareness of ingrained physical habits, that affect the way we do everyday activities like sitting, walking, using digital devices, driving and all manner of work and leisure related activities.  Over time, these unconscious postural habits can result in painful mechanical problems with the back, neck or joints and a series of lessons can help instil renewed physical confidence and greater poise to improve performance at work or with leisure activities…anything from dentistry to dance!

Gold standard randomised clinical trials have proven that the Alexander Technique offers effective and long term relief to back pain, reducing days of pain by 85% a year after lessons began.

Why does posture matter?  From very early on – as a child – our modern life can put undue strain on your body.  Very normal worries or shyness can make children lose their natural easy uprightness as can learning fine motor skills required in school.  The Alexander Technique is like the manual of how to use our body well and is a foundational education of ourselves and how we work at our best.  A skill for life.  Better, easy posture improves how we feel about ourselves and develops confidence in our abilities.

Kathy runs Mindful Motion courses and workshops for children from year 5 upwards.  Learning the principles of the Alexander Technique helps empower anxious and under confident children, teens and adults by building mind and body awareness; educating them to approach life from a place of balance, greater poise and self assurance.