Empowered Birth & Post Natal Classes

Please note that our classes are intended to enhance knowledge and should not replace the role of your named Midwife/Doctor/Caregiver.  Our therapists are trained and are present as educators only and not Midwives. 

The courses we offer provide no medical or clinical advice and you should continue to seek help around pregnancy/labour/birth from a Midwife or Medical Practitioner.  WE ARE THRIVE are in no way responsible for any complications that may arise as a result of pregnancy/labour or birth. 

Zoe Tolman & Ceci Goldaracena. Telephone: 07949 110520

Zoe and Ceci will be running the ‘Empowered Birth & Post Natal’ Class throughout the year – dates and times are detailed below.

Zoe has been trained in ante-natal care by FEDANT; is registered with the BACP as a counsellor; has been running The Motherside for a number of years and so has developed this Birth Preparation Programme with insight and experience at its heart.  Ceci is a hugely experienced and qualified Doula so their expertise has been brought together to cover numerous concerns, anxieties and questions about what may lay ahead for you and your family and giving nurturing, practical ideas as to how to cope with all that parenthood demands.  The five sessions cover:

  • Preparing Mentally & Emotionally for Birth
  • Preparing Physically for Birth
  • Preparing practically for Birth
  • Preparing for Parenthood and;
  • Post Natal Preparation