Youth Mindfulness

Nikki Phillips. Tel: 07966 579345

The Youth Mindfulness programme is an introduction to Mindfulness with a strong emphasis on experiential learning. can enrich your mental health and wellbeing. It offers a different perspective and allows children to explore the way they see the world and how we can all change perspectives for the better. Creating the time out of every day to reflect, observe and absorb our surroundings allows for objective awareness of your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Nikki can help your child:

* Reduce stress * Gain greater confidence & self esteem * Concentrate and focus * Manage anxiety *

Lessons build sequentially allowing time to explore mindfulness cultivating gratitude, learning how to manage difficult thoughts and emotions and allowing themselves kindness towards themselves and others. With the key foundation of paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth, each child becomes strengthened and more informed about self-management with each session.

Nikki has been teaching relaxation for the last twenty years. Initially within the NHS and Social Services and latterly moving in to the education sector. She expanded her training with the Stress Consultancy team and completed her MBSR in Mindfulness, training as a Youth Mindfulness teacher to incorporate Relaxation Therapy in to her practice.

She is a qualified Nursery teacher ; a Holistic Massage Therapist and is trained in Inclusive Educational Story Massage.

Nikki works with people of all ages, specialising in Mindfulness that supports and works with children and adults with additional needs.