Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners

We are always interested in adding to our ‘Emotional Wellbeing’ team.  The commitment is a few hours a week to work within our morning ‘Drop In’ group, chatting to mum’s and dad’s about how and what may be happening for them that week.  Being able to signpost them to a service may help or just an ear to listen to a concern there and then… whilst making them a cuppa of course.

Please get in touch should you be interested in joining our team on 07901 913625.

Fundraising Ambassadors

Of course, volunteer’s time is of the essence and you are crucial to organisations such as WE ARE THRIVE providing us with an extra layer of support and assistance to maximise our offering to our public.  

We will offer you comprehensive training regarding the organisation and its aims but our volunteers work ‘on behalf of’ the charity and have authority to fundraise in any way deemed appropriate or resourceful.  We appreciate you are raising money for us to optimise our service offering and will try to help you by providing advice and resources.

If you are interested in running an event no matter how large or small; gathering together a group with a specific aim; you’re happy to shake a bucket at an event or help the management of WE ARE THRIVE raise funds in any particular way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phoning 07901 913625.